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“I Forgot About You – Because I Stopped Talking To You”

I wanna talk more. It’s hard. But it’s kind of a life-or-death thing.

Videogame Prayer Request for ReElise

Have you ever prayed for a videogame before? And I don’t mean the “Oh God, please help me kill this stupid boss!” I’m talking about praying for a team who is making a game for the Kingdom of God: praying that they have all they need to finish the project?

10 Prayer Hindrances

We get to spend time with the author of the universe. We can talk to him. And hear from him. So why don’t we? And why does it seem like a lot of our prayers go unheard? Here’s ten reasons that my pastor brought up this Sunday:

How To De-Stress

Cyndi is somebody who loves the Bible more than most people I know. But last Sunday, she was starting with a different text to start preaching from: a psychological article on how to deal with stress. She took it as kind of a launching pad for her points. Her main points were on how God wants us to de-stress.

John Locke’s Big Mistake

John Locke is one of the most important characters on Lost. If you haven’t seen the whole series, please stop reading. I’m going to spoil John’s story for you.