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Trust Night — GameCell Recap

Do we learn to trust others just by spending time with them? And does that same idea apply to God and walking with him in prayer and Scripture? These questions guided our night together as we explored Trust on a special Good Friday GameCell night.

Resurrection, Alzheimers, and Alpha Protocol

In which, we explore some of the best stuff from April because we’re lazy and didn’t share it until now…

Heaven When You Die? Not According to the Bible

Last week, I preached that folks don’t go to heaven when they die. Somehow I didn’t get stoned to death. Probably because I told people not to accept what I say. Mostly, I just want people to crack their Bibles open and really think about this. And maybe challenge me on it.

Honeycomb Tombs and Resurrection

Karla Adolphe created an album specifically for those going through grief. Then she decided to give it away on her website for free. While by it’s definition, an indie album, this isn’t a low-fi indie effort. Honeycomb Tombs may be one of the finest crafted musical experiences I’ve heard. And it’s oozing with soothing honey for those who are going through hell.

Good News: Day of Judgment

I honestly thought this May 21st Day of Judgement stuff was gonna blow over. Then I saw this fellow in the York square with this sign.