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Review Roundup: Borderland Tales in Wasteland 2 feel like This War of Mine

Jess liked Tales from the Borderlands’ first episode. A Borderlands game my wife likes might mean it’s a Borderlands my teenage friends dislike. But not necessarily. Maybe we’ll see how dudes feel about it at GameCell tonight?

Recaps: Sickening Republique, Redemptive Nightmares, and Evil Holidays

Knock, knock! Want some links to sweet stuff about redemption in games?

2013 In Review: Creations and Thank Yous

A lot of people helped me to make wonderful things this year.  Writing mostly. Speaking on occasion. Designing and making videos throughout. Today I’d like to share some of the things I’m most proud of and take the op to thank everybody who helped make it all possible.

Elsewhere: Bioshock Infinite Review

I reviewed Bioshock Infinite over at Substance TV. I only cover the gameplay, so don’t worry about anything getting spoiled. Maybe one of these days, I’ll write-up a commentary on the way the game handles Christianity in its story. I loved the art and style of the game though, despite disliking most everything else.

Elsewhere: Incubating Discipline in Antichamber

I was seriously looking forward to Antichamber. I thought it would mess with my mind in fun and exciting ways and pop me out on the other side with a big smile. Instead, it made me a more disciplined person. But I still gave it a high score. Check out the full review on Gamechurch.

Elsewhere: Perspective and the Awkward Mirror

I think Perspective is the next Portal. It was made by a team straight out of Digipen, just as the team that made Narbacular Drop (which became the core tech and design behind Portal). It’s one of the best games I’ve played on PC lately. And it’s free. The game takes us deep into a rabbit hole and functions something like a mirror.

To The Moon and Marriage (and Death)

To the Moon has gotten me to think about my own life, death, and marriage more than any other game I know. It handles these subjects with eloquence and subtlety. We’re drawn into a character’s story through the most painful and important memories.

The Unfinished Swan Pseudo-Review

Monroe woke up in the orphanage to find the swan missing from his mother’s painting. As he went looking for the bird, he found himself inside the empty painting. This is where we begin our adventure through Monroe’s eyes. We toss black paint everywhere. This helps, since the world is entirely white. Entirely. Black splatters distinguish ground from sky. And bench from tree and statue versus frog.  And so we make a wonderful mess of things, discovering the playground of the Unfinished Swan.

Sound Shapes and the New Music Game

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are dead. They don’t they make them any more. Why? The creators and their audience hit a wall. Those games never effectively fostered a culture of creativity. But the music game genre isn’t dead. Far from it. Enter Sound Shapes.

Lone Survivor and Isolation

That’s what Lone Survivor is: a 16-bit indie adventure game that tackles existential philosophy. Amidst a zombie apocalypse. With a lot of brilliant sound design. And a cat.