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Gamecell Recap – Aug 15

Last week, we rallied the GameCell. We talked for a while about life and spiritual formation. Then we attacked each other with swords.

Sharing GameCell Over Formative Stories

In which, our GameCell gets a specially guest who wants to start something like GameCell in his own community. Also, we talk about formative stories and play Child of Light

Epic Lent Gamecell

In which, our GameCell attendees screamed more than ever, we talked about Fasnachts, and what Jesus has to do with doughnuts:

Encore Gamecell

In which, we played GameCell’s greatest hits and wonder why Jesus got angry before he raised his buddy from the dead

Samurai Gunn GameCell

Richie told us how he got Christmas Skunk hair (his brother’s hair dye) and how things seemed to be going well with a certain young lady. Then he, Alex, and I busted out pixelated katanas and started slashing one another.