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Saved You From What?

You will hearing from a wealth of contributors on this subject. To keep things focused, I directed things at a simple question:

Lamb’s Blood And…?

What Goes Good With Lamb’s Blood? A new blog series is coming forth. This verse might give a nice little hint of what to expect.

A Beautiful Woman

Today, I saw a beautiful woman. It was hard not to look at her. She was old and hunched over. Her face looked like it was scarred. She looked sad. But she was beautiful in every way. I wasn’t the only one to notice how awesome she was. One of the grocery store attendants fell […]

Ezra Arrives & Crap Goes Down

Welcome to the conclusion of the story of Ezra. The king loved Ezra Ezra was a bible nerd and a Levitical priest. He loved the bible. And the king loved him. There was one problem. He was in Babylon, not Jerusalem. So he asked the king to let him go back to Jerusalem and take […]

Runaway Hearts

I think this is something we all deal with. Our hearts hate being addressed and confronted.

Ezra: The Ballsy Homecomers

Today, we’re going to go tell the story of some ballsy homecomers from the book of Ezra.