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Weekend: Sushi, Testimonies, and Romantic Zombie Flicks

Friday night, we had our first official GameCell. James, Alex, and I plopped ourseves in our backyard’s comfy lawn chairs where we talked about work, life, and what Christian worldview is. Conversation seemed to naturally lead to Matthew 7 where Jesus talks about trees that bear good fruit and bad fruit. Then all three of us prayed and we retreated to the basement. I gave James the honor of being the first to play The Last of Us. An extremely intense twenty minutes later, James handed me the controller and said “cool game.” Then he had to go and Jeff Adams joined us. We caught up as succinctly as we could then dove back into the Last of Us. For a significantly less-intense before I shared a bit of the Swapper.

Macaroni and Cheese (and Marriage)

God has a way of showing Himself in the sweetly mundane of life’s moments. In a passing glance, in a kind word, in sunshine pardoning rain… in a bowl of mac and cheese.

Footnote: Christian TV That Doesn’t Suck

Okay. Okay. Calling Footnote Christian TV is a little bit of a misnomer. The show focuses on all kinds of short stories that punctuate our lives. It never gets preachy. The stories aren’t only about Christians. Many other views get expressed. The show is produced with expert class, precision and skill. Each episode is artfully told as it delicately handles serious and personal stories.