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February Articles

I’m stock-recording podcasts like an eager beaver while getting ready for our son’s arrival—he’s due in just a few days now!

January Articles

The New Year re-orients us. It shifts our priorities in just a tiny amount that can change where we go. As I looked at my priorities for the year, one big change capture my attention: my son is coming. A lot of my thinking and priorities shift more towards Jess and I having him. That also means […]

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Pancake Party — A GameCell Recap

That Dragon Cancer just released today on Steam and Ouya. It’s easily the most profound game ever made about faith, suffering, love, and hope. And so I wanted to make sure the group of guys that meet in my house (called gamecell) would have a chance to play it.

December Articles

It’s GOTY SEASON! That means nothing for most normal human beings, but if you write about video games it’s the “most important time of the year.”

Rethinking Christian Videogames – Theology Gaming Podcast

Zachery and I talked with a couple of our game developer friends on a podcast about what a “good Christian videogame” could look like.