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Becoming by Giants & Pilgrims — Album Review

Giants & Pilgrims new album, Becoming, provides a soundtrack for jaded hearts who dare to pick-up the parts and rebuild again.

Folks I Love Are Making Stuff You’ll Love

When you come over to my house, I hope you meet Saint Swan. He’s the awesome subject of a painting that’s in our guest room.

Potomac and American Spirituality

Ever felt like you’re not a part of American spirituality? Like it’s not yours? It seems like a lot of us have lost our connection with American spirituality. But Tim Coons wants to fix that. He wants to give a sense of history of where we come from – embracing all of the good, true, and honest parts of it.

Honeycomb Tombs, Potomac, and Grief

Within the last several months, two musicians who were part of the Enter the Worship Circle have released powerful solo albums.

Karla Adolphe (also of The Emporiums) released Honeycomb Tombs. And Tim Coons Released Potomac. Both albums have similar themes, dealing with grief and suffering as pivotal elements of our worship. Expect full album reviews coming shortly.

The Barley Harvest’s Violent Sighs

The Barley Harvest is Jon Paul Looney and Ally Green: a unique conglomerate from Texas with a heart for their king and a sound of experimental minimalism. When you first hear their music, the Barley Harvest sounds a lot like Listener. It may seem harsh and void. But when you get to the core of what they’re all about, you’ll find some compelling songwriting.

Music Reviews – Does It Subvert?

A string of album reviews is brewing, asking one main question: “Does it subvert?” To find this answer, we look at three categories: ears, spirit, and heart.