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Multi-layered Skills in Transistor – Subversive Mechanics

Skills don’t overlap in single-character games. Except Transistor.

What’s the Theology of E3? Is it Growing up? How Close Is That Transistor Sword?

In which, we finally look at some posts from early June despite it already being the middle of July.

(We is slow, we is fine, we is ‘portant.)

GameCell Date Night (And Questions!)

In which, we reflect on the topic of dating and what our GameCell talked about/played on Friday night.

Transistor Experimentation, Incarnational Multiplayer, and Children of Light

In which, we discuss why Transistor’s experimentation makes it a perfect game, how playing with your friends is godly, and why Child of Light is perfect for nine year old girls…

Upcoming: Transistor

Supergiant’s next game, Transistor, follows a similar art style and approach, but it’s something completely its own. The trailer was rad. But the first fifteen minutes are good enough that I’ve been looping it in the background as I work. Check it out: