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Netflix Dump: Fuller House, Dope and Nurse Jackie

We watched a ton of Netflix while we were waiting for Zeek to be born. I’d like to think we found some stuff worth recommending. Here’s three things I liked — and what’s good about them.

Rob Bell’s Upcoming TV Show

I have fallen out of touch. As a once self-professed Rob Bell junkie, I’ve not had any clue that Rob was up to something big. A year ago, Rob handed-off the reigns of his church. He moved to LA to make a TV show, working with Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse. The show is going to be a drama that deals with the subject of faith and spirituality, based loosely on Rob’s own life. It’s set to air on ABC some vague time soon.

Footnote: Christian TV That Doesn’t Suck

Okay. Okay. Calling Footnote Christian TV is a little bit of a misnomer. The show focuses on all kinds of short stories that punctuate our lives. It never gets preachy. The stories aren’t only about Christians. Many other views get expressed. The show is produced with expert class, precision and skill. Each episode is artfully told as it delicately handles serious and personal stories.