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Trust Night — GameCell Recap

Do we learn to trust others just by spending time with them? And does that same idea apply to God and walking with him in prayer and Scripture? These questions guided our night together as we explored Trust on a special Good Friday GameCell night.

Recap: Never Alone Review – Inupiaq Study Bible

Never Alone impressed my dad. We dove into this people group’s history, and endured the frustrating gameplay to find something beautiful underneath.

A Rad Christian Videogame About Heaven and Hell (OMG!), Dropsy the Clown, and Link as a Pentecostal Evangelist,

I found three super awesome things about God and games on the internets today. And while I have almost nothing to do with any of them, they’re all irresistibly worth sharing.

Elsewhere: Incubating Discipline in Antichamber

I was seriously looking forward to Antichamber. I thought it would mess with my mind in fun and exciting ways and pop me out on the other side with a big smile. Instead, it made me a more disciplined person. But I still gave it a high score. Check out the full review on Gamechurch.

The Unfinished Swan Pseudo-Review

Monroe woke up in the orphanage to find the swan missing from his mother’s painting. As he went looking for the bird, he found himself inside the empty painting. This is where we begin our adventure through Monroe’s eyes. We toss black paint everywhere. This helps, since the world is entirely white. Entirely. Black splatters distinguish ground from sky. And bench from tree and statue versus frog.  And so we make a wonderful mess of things, discovering the playground of the Unfinished Swan.

Upcoming: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

A game is coming out soon that sounds more like a parable Jesus told than a videogame. The synopsis goes something like this: two sons embark on a journey to find the Water of Life. This water is the only cure for their dying father. The brothers have to work together to overcome dangerous situations. One brother lacks bravery. The other lacks strength.

Journey and Wonder

So there I was, in the depths of a mysterious place.

I spoke a word of light. Suddenly, the room started to come alive. Soon it was filled with a thick golden cloud: the manifest presence of light and life. Every living creature in the cloud beamed with excitement and anticipation.

A Firefly Videogame?

Anybody who saw the show, wanted to be a part of that crew. If a game developer could create an experience that does that, it would sell like hot cakes.