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WHY WE LOVE Deus Ex – Nonlethal Solutions to Violent Worlds

Deus ex is commonly revered as the best PC game that came out in the year 2000. But many forget how powerful the game’s innovations really were.

WHY WE LOVE Screencheat – Subverted Rulesets

Screencheat might not be at the top of my “loves” as you’ll see in my latest review. But I still felt that it was worth recording some gameplay and showing what makes it unique. Enjoy.

WHY WE LOVE A Bird Story – A Videogame About Love and Joy

Welcome to a world where beauty goes beyond pixel-deep. You’re in for a treat. Enjoy.

WHY WE LOVE Roguelight – Light The Darkness

We dive into the chunky abyss with nothing but a bow and illuminating arrows as Samus Everdeen (not her real name).

WHY WE LOVE Banner Saga – Empathy for Refugees

Just started a brand new overview video series about the redemptive qualities in videogames. Enjoy!

Epic Rabbi Battle: Why We Love The Shivah

You will love The Shivah’s epic rabbi battle. We spoil the game’s story a bit by talking about the rabbi battle. And that’s okay. Because if you didn’t know about it, you probably wouldn’t get the game. That is, unless you love rabbis or point-and-click adventures. So let us be say it again: you will love the game’s epic rabbi battle.

Why We Love Hoplite

Tactical RPGs usually have a lot of slow methodical plodding, high stakes, and fancy animations. But Hoplite has none of that. Instead, it’s just one roman soldier (called a hoplite) against a progressively-scaling selection of hell’s minions. Forget the name, graphics and setting. If you like turn-based tactical games, this is your jam!