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Weekend Roundup – Nov 26

Thanksgiving day involved a lot of moving parts. And by that, I mean we were moving a lot of parts. Since the house was still full of unpacked boxes and and unorganized furniture, we had to get settled.

Weekend Roundup – Nov 19

Jessica and I moved into our new house. And we are tired.

I am eternally grateful for the bakers dozen of friends who helped us move our eight tons of stuff into a four-floor house. We know you’re all sore just like us. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Potomac and American Spirituality

Ever felt like you’re not a part of American spirituality? Like it’s not yours? It seems like a lot of us have lost our connection with American spirituality. But Tim Coons wants to fix that. He wants to give a sense of history of where we come from – embracing all of the good, true, and honest parts of it.

Journey and Wonder

So there I was, in the depths of a mysterious place.

I spoke a word of light. Suddenly, the room started to come alive. Soon it was filled with a thick golden cloud: the manifest presence of light and life. Every living creature in the cloud beamed with excitement and anticipation.

Does Seven Swans Reimagined Subvert?

In 2004, Sufjan Stevens released an album forged out of a loving reverence for the scriptures. Titled Seven Swans, the album was a summation of all that was wonderful and lovely. In 2011, this album was reimagined.

A Daddy’s Frailty

I’ve never been a daughter or a daddy. But I feel like I get a very intimate perspective of what both are like when I listen to Tim’s album, Frailty. You can fully feel the joy of a father’s love for his daughter when Tim asks, “Who could ask for more?” in the track, For More.

Take a Dip in the Singing Well

Since our last conversation, Aaron has paired up with fellow Worship Circler, Karla Adolphe to create an array of worshippy Americana tracks for our hearts to savor. Together, they are The Emporiums and they just released their first album, The Singing Well.

Elephants, Birds and Buffalos: Aaron Strumpel Part 2

“As we were making it, each track seemed to be a character, having a personality of it’s own.” All of the parts combined make up proverbial herd of Elephants.

Worship Circles & Aaron Strumpel’s Nomadic Pilgrimage

Love Subverts recently spent some time with Aaron Strumpel. He sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb. Playing weird worship music isn’t exactly the expected career path for most musicians

A Zoroastrian Epiphany!

We all know the story of the Magi. But do we know who the Magi really were?